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Why Family Dentistry Is Your Best Option

April 27, 2019
Posted By: Dr. Jen Kim, DDS
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At Jen Kim Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we enjoy getting to know our patients. We love the diversity we find in the people we encounter every day. Because we are a family dental practice, we meet and interact with people of all ages with kindness and compassion.

Our top family dentist in Kirkland, WA has experience treating patients of all ages. When you find a dentist who is experienced in every age group, you have discovered a dentist who can treat each family member with skill and know-how.

The Benefits of Children Seeing the Same Dentist as Older Family Members

When your child sees the same dentist you see, this instills confidence in your child. Additionally, our dentist is able to pick up on unique family traits to better treat your child’s oral health needs. This could mean the genetics of jaw shape or a predisposition to a specific oral health issue.

Additionally, your child will not have to change dentists after his or her late teens.

The Benefits of a Single Dentist for the Entire Family

When your entire family visits one dentist, it offers convenience and appointment ease. Additionally, it keeps all your family’s dental records in a single location.

Also, a dentist who sees patients of all ages knows the specific dental issues that occur or are more likely to occur across various ages.

When it comes to maintaining healthy teeth, a dentist who has seen smiles at every age is simply a good dentist to have on your side.

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Also, if you have any questions about our dental services, get in touch with our dental team today.

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