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3 Reasons to Treasure Your Baby's First Teeth

September 21, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Jen Kim, DDS
smiling baby with two teeth | Pediatric Dentistry in Kirkland WA | Dr. Jen Kim

It's an exciting day when your baby's first tooth arrives! You may not be sure how to care for your child's new teeth as they come in, and you may wonder how important it is to do so since they will be falling out in a few short years? The truth is baby teeth are very important and you should begin to brush them as soon as they arrive. Here are three reasons that your child's baby teeth are so important.

They Help Your Child Learn to Talk and Eat

Baby teeth play an integral role in your child's speech development. They've been making sounds for months, and now with their new teeth, they can start to form those sounds into their first words.

Baby teeth also usher in your child's first experience with solid foods. This is also an exciting time as your baby learns the joys of eating and tasting new foods.

They Help Your Child Develop Good Oral Hygiene Habits

By brushing their baby teeth right away, you're helping your child acclimate to brushing and develop good oral hygiene habits for the future. Your baby should start seeing the dentist for routine checkups around the age of one-year-old, or six months after their first tooth erupts.

They Assist in the Arrival of Adult Teeth

Did you know that baby teeth are actually holding a place for your child's adult teeth? It's true! They are also the guides for the adult teeth when it's time for them to arrive. A baby tooth lost too soon can affect the arrival of its adult counterpart.

Dr. Jen Kim is the 98034 dentist that patients trust with their children's oral health. Our team welcomes children and we enjoy building relationships with them and watching them grow over the years. If it's time for your child's first appointment, please give us a call today.



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