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What Services Does a Family Dentist Offer?

October 28, 2020
Posted By: Dr. Jen Kim
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There are several benefits to choosing a family dentist that serves the oral health needs of patients of all ages. Convenience is a big one because everyone in your family—children, parents, and grandparents—can receive quality dental care in one location.

Family dentistry in Kirkland, WA offers services and procedures that help you achieve a healthy smile and protect and enhance the one you already have. They are trained in all areas of general dentistry and also offer pediatric dentistry for the smallest smiles in your family.

Services a Family Dentist in Kirkland, WA Offers

Prevention Saves Time and Money

Prevention is the name of the game with dentistry because maintaining excellent oral health is far easier and more affordable than dealing with decayed or broken teeth, gum disease, and problems like dental abscesses and tooth infections.

By offering services like dental exams and teeth cleanings, your family dentist helps you all stay a step ahead of these problems and many others.

Children’s Dentistry for Little Smiles

Family dental practices welcome children of all ages and typically have the experience needed to address their unique needs. Starting with dental cleanings when the first baby tooth appears, your family dentist will be with your child all throughout their childhood and into adulthood.

Services to Return Your Smile to Full Health

If a problem does occur, restorative dentistry like tooth-colored fillings, bonding, and dental crowns return your teeth to a healthy, functional state. Sometimes, your treatment may involve root canals to clear away infections or extraction if a tooth becomes unrepairable. If this occurs, your family dentist also offers tooth replacement with dental bridges.

Prompt Treatment for Dental Emergencies

It’s almost inevitable that at some point, you or someone in your family will require emergency dental care. This is a perfect example of how having a trusted professional to turn to gives you peace of mind; you feel perfectly comfortable turning to your family dentist.

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