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Stained Teeth? Why Seeing a Professional Is the Best Bet

September 20, 2020
Posted By: Jen Kim: Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
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Clean and healthy teeth aren't (unfortunately) necessarily synonymous with bright, stain-free teeth.

It's effortless to accumulate stains over the years, especially if you're a coffee or wine lover or a smoker. There are other reasons why teeth can become dinghy, including taking certain medications, trauma, genetics, and aging. 

This is why the teeth whitening industry is so popular. Walk down any beauty aisle in your local store, and you'll see numerous at-home whitening products that claim the impossible. But only dentists have access to professional-grade bleaching gel (and know how to use it).

The proper way to safely whiten your teeth takes place in a professional setting under carefully monitored conditions so that you are safe, pain-free, and comfortable. It can be incredibly easy to cause a lot of damage to your enamel and gums without a dental professional, often leading to painful, sensitive teeth if patients don't know how to apply the gel properly. 

The Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

  • Patients see immediate results in under an hour
  • Safe and controlled process
  • Less risk of tooth or gum sensitivity
  • With proper care and maintenance can last for a year or longer

Kirkland patients interested in reinvigorating their smile might want to learn more about our professional, in-office teeth whitening treatments. They are minimally invasive, pain-free, and reliable. Unlike low-grade store brands that often do more damage than good, we can carefully observe and treat your smile without risk of damage. 

Common Reasons for Stained Teeth

Many patients seek cosmetic dental procedures for the following reasons:

  • Natural aging: like most natural objects, our teeth can yellow or darken due to our lifestyle, diet, and the accumulation of everything we do over the years
  • Smoking: using tobacco can put a yellowish tinge on our pearly whites, on top of being unhealthy for us
  • Medications: Certain medications  and antibiotics can change the shade of your teeth
  • Injury: a hit to your teeth can darken them
  • Too much fluoride: too much of a good thing can create discolored teeth

Call Us Today for Teeth Whitening in Kirkland, WA

A beautiful looking smile can be easily marred by unattractive yellow or brown teeth. The good thing is Dr. Kim can melt away years from your smile in just an hour. 

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