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Why should I choose dental implants instead of dentures?

Image of dental implant in kirkland waWhile modern dental technology allows us to create dentures that fit better and look more natural than ever, dental implants are an innovative new solution to the problem of missing teeth and have some significant advantages over traditional dentures:

Advantages of Dental Implants

  • Dental implants will never slip or slide.
  • When you have dental implants, you can continue to eat all the foods you enjoy.
  • Regular brushing and flossing are all it takes to keep dental implants in great shape.
  • Dental implants are not warped or otherwise damaged by hot liquids.
  • Dental implants do not have to be removed at night.

The biggest advantage implants have over dentures, however, is something less obvious but incredibly important. One of the problems associated with missing teeth is the bone loss that inevitably occurs in the area. The changes in bone density can cause neighboring teeth to become loose, and you may wind up losing more teeth.

Implants act like a natural tooth root and stimulate the bone in the area to continue maintaining itself, preventing bone atrophy and the problems associated with it.

If you have missing teeth and are interested in restoring the area, call us today to make an appointment so we can find the treatment option that best fits your needs and your lifestyle. 


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