Composite (Tooth-Colored) Fillings in Kirkland, WA

At Jen Kim: Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Kirkland, we can help you with smile aesthetics while filling your teeth. We provide tooth-colored fillings to curb decay and enhance your smile in one go. Our tooth-colored options are not like amalgam fillings (silver and metal-colored). Our white composite fillings sync with your smile shade, so no one will even detect you've had a cavity! 

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Benefits of Tooth-Colored Composite Fillings

A Tooth-Colored filling is a cosmetic way to treat a cavity without silver, which can detract from your teeth and make laughing and smiling a challenge. Composite or white fillings also strengthen your tooth because the filling material is soft and can penetrate the cavity area; therefore shoring up the tooth to absorb your bite impact. You will not have to worry about breakage.

Amalgam fillings, on the other hand, are created using metal. This means the filling can expand or even contract over time, especially as a result of hot beverages or cool drinks. As time passes, these fillings that have expanded and contracted may loosen, fracture, or fallout. This leaves your tooth vulnerable to decay, loss, and infection. If your tooth is too damaged, we may have to provide a tooth crown. 

A dental crown is also tooth-colored, but it is a hollow cover that looks like a tooth rather than composite material. It absorbs bite impact, allowing you to enjoy your favorite meals without concern for breakage. If you have a loose or damaged filling and do not seek treatment, you risk losing the tooth to extraction, which is why we tell our patients to contact our dental office if a filling cracks—even if it is not causing immediate pain. A tooth crown is preferable to losing the tooth.

Remember, at Jen Kim: Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we can change out your silver fillings and replace them with a composite resin material that matches your tooth. 

Amalgam fillings typically have mercury, which makes some patients uneasy. Of course, these types of fillings have been studied and not found to pose a threat to people. However, our patients choose tooth-colored fillings for this reason and to aesthetically enhance their smiles. 

When it comes to your peace-of-mind, composite fillings are definitely worth it!

Upgrading to Tooth-Colored Fillings in 98034

Aside from amalgam fillings expanding and contracting, they can also take away from your smile aesthetics, especially if they are in your smile line (or front teeth). Patients often opt to remove these older fillings in exchange for tooth-colored.

To start the process, call our dental office to schedule a consultation. Your dentist in Kirkland, WA will talk to you about your expectations and assess your oral health before scheduling you for tooth-colored fillings. This may include x-rays to check on the integrity of the tooth and root.

We think you’ll enjoy having fillings that are noticeable only to you.

Tooth Bonding with Composite

Besides filling a cavity or as part of an aesthetic upgrade, your dentist also has another great use for composite—using it to conceal tooth flaws.

Composite is an inexpensive way to camouflage the following:

  • Small chips or cracks
  • Discoloration
  • Small gaps between teeth
  • Misshapen teeth

Your dentist spreads the composite across your tooth, working with it to conceal your specific cosmetic issue. Then we set the material with a special light. This is a noninvasive and simple process that often takes only one visit. You can choose to bond a single tooth or many.

Do I Have a Dental Cavity?

Regular dental health checkups root out dental cavities that are just emerging. This is why regular dental care is so crucial. In some situations, we rely on x-rays to look for cavities between teeth that are difficult to find with the naked eye.

Additionally, emerging cavities may not be painful or come with symptoms like a toothache or tooth sensitivity. 

Through digital imaging and careful dental health exams, we are able to diagnose and treat small cavities before they become problematic and painful.

If you have not visited our dental office in a while, or if your family is new to the area, we would love to welcome you! Call your Kirkland, WA, dentist, Dr. Jen Kim, to schedule a checkup, and let us know if you have any of the symptoms listed below. 

  • Tooth pain, either sharp or dull
  • A tooth that is sensitive to hot, cold, or air
  • Difficulty chewing because of pain
  • A small pit or stain on your tooth

Dental cavities can grow and compromise the integrity of your tooth (and even your surrounding teeth). When caught early, we can typically treat conservatively with a tooth-colored filling as opposed to a dental crown.

Remember, emerging cavities are rarely detectable without your dentist! For this reason and more, regular dental checkups are crucial to your long-term oral health. 

Treating your decay is very straightforward. Your dentist numbs the treatment area and carefully removes the decay, creating a clean margin for your tooth-colored filling.

You may notice mild soreness for a day or two, but it is typically slight and easily treated with a store-bought pain reliever recommended by your doctor or dentist.

A Tooth-Colored Filling or a Dental Crown?

In the event of severe decay, your dentist may recommend a dental crown instead of a filling. This is also tooth-colored, but instead of filling material, it is a tooth-shaped crown that fits over your damaged tooth to the gumline. This cap allows for a buffer zone between your weak tooth and the force of your bite.

Your dentist will take care to match your crown to your surrounding teeth—both in color and shape.

Sometimes, your dentist recommends a dental crown as opposed to a tooth-colored filling following root canal therapy. Our goal is to keep your tooth viable, and sometimes a dental crown is the best course.  

Lower Your Cavity Risks

Tooth-colored fillings are great, but no cavities at all are even better.

If you want to lower your risks, it’s essential to have routine dental exams with your Kirkland dentist. These exams find emerging cavities, and the teeth cleaning portion of your exam with our hygienist works to prevent cavities altogether. Your teeth cleaning clears away stubborn plaque and other ingredients that lead to decay.

In the meantime, brush and floss twice daily or after every meal, and never go to bed at night without brushing! Sleeping through the night with bacteria on your teeth can erode your enamel and lead to decay.

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