Invisalign in Kirkland, WA

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Are crooked teeth marring an otherwise perfect smile? In addition to creating a less attractive appearance, crowded, widely spaced, or otherwise misplaced teeth can create other serious problems for your oral health.

Kirkland dentist Dr. Jen Kim is a certified Invisalign provider. The Invisalign system, often referred to as invisible braces or clear aligners, uses a progressive series of plastic aligners to gently guide your teeth into their correct positions. This system is ideal for anyone who wants to improve the appearance and alignment of their teeth but does not want to suffer through months of brackets and wires.

Invisalign is a great option to treat mild to moderate cases; Dr. Kim will be able to determine the best course for your smile and lifestyle.

What Is Invisalign in 98034?

Unlike traditional metal brackets and wires, Invisalign uses clear aligners that gently apply pressure to slowly correct your teeth.

Many Invisalign cases take around 12 to 18 months to complete. Patients are highly encouraged to wear their Invisalign aligners for 20 to 22 hours per day until they are ready to change out about every two weeks. Around every two to four weeks, you should visit Dr. Kim to ensure the treatment is progressing as planned.

Many Kirkland patients love the fact that Invisalign is removable so you can pop them out before a special event that involves photos, or before an amazing meal. Invisalign provides a lot of freedom for people who don't want to be encumbered by wires or brackets.

Should Crooked Teeth Be Fixed?

Crooked teeth can lead to an increased risk of decay and gum disease. When your teeth are crowded or twisted, it is difficult to reach the spaces between your teeth with either your toothbrush or dental floss. This sets the stage for cavities to develop between your teeth and plaque to settle in beneath the gum line, leading to gum disease. Teeth that are too widely spaced can trap bits of food that cause bacteria to stay in close contact with your teeth for an extended period of time and increase the chance that you will develop a cavity or gum problems. Because gum disease and tooth decay have been linked to serious health conditions like diabetes and heart disease, crooked teeth are actually an overall health concern rather than just an oral health concern.

Invisalign also treats misaligned bites. An overbite, underbite, or crossbite can be just as problematic as crooked or misplaced teeth. When your bite is misaligned, pressure is put on the teeth in ways they were not designed to handle, and your teeth may shift, erode, fracture, or become loose. Depending on the severity of the problem with your bite, you may eventually lose teeth.

How Invisalign Benefits Your Life


Patients who find themselves grinding or clenching their teeth not only benefit from an aligned bite, Invisalign can also halt tooth grinding. If Dr. Jen Kim determines that you grind your teeth, Invisalign aligners can assist with relaxing the muscles that are involved in clenching and other TMD symptoms. TMD is a serious condition that affects anyone and is often brought on by stress. Patients who suffer from TMD experience excruciating pain, and many report problems with eating, chewing, or even opening their mouths.

Crooked Teeth Lead to Poor Oral Hygiene

The only way to truly fight and prevent tooth decay, infection, or gum disease is by thoroughly keeping your teeth and gums clean. If your teeth are misaligned or crooked, they become harder to keep clean. Food particles can easily get stuck in nooks and crannies that a toothbrush or floss can’t reach. Known as food impaction, this can quickly lead to severe complications. The impacted food is a haven for harmful bacteria that can be hard to remove without the help of a dental professional.


Invisalign clear aligners are made of smooth plastic, giving Invisalign a more comfortable feel over traditional metal braces. Unlike other braces, there are no sharp or extruding parts that can get caught in your cheek or gums. Your Invisalign trays are custom-fabricated to fit your teeth and gums perfectly.

No Food Restrictions

One of the hardest parts of straightening your teeth is restricting the kinds of food you can comfortably eat. Not so with Invisalign! With traditional metal braces, many favorite foods may be off-limits, including anything too hard, sticky, or chewy. Invisalign allows patients to remove the aligners before a meal, so they can eat whatever they want.

Crooked Teeth Leads to Poor Oral Hygiene

Invisalign clear aligners are removable – removing them before you eat or brush is as easy as popping them out. Whenever you are ready to clean and floss your teeth, it’s as simple as taking a second to remove your clear aligners and putting them back in after wiping them clean to remove any buildup or gunk. Keeping your mouth clean is absolutely vital for your oral health!

How Invisalign Can Help in The 98034 Areagirl putting in invisalign clear aligners in kirkland wa

Call our dental office to schedule a consultation to get started with Invisalign. Dr. Kim will examine your teeth and take x-rays to determine the best process for moving your teeth. After analyzing your teeth and working with you to create a treatment plan, our team will take impressions of your teeth. These impressions will be used by Dr. Jen Kim to create a series of aligners that you wear in a prescribed order to guide your teeth into their proper positions.

The force used is very mild, and the aligners are comfortable to wear. When it is time to move onto the next step of your treatment plan, simply switch to the next aligner in the series, as directed by Dr. Kim.

You don’t have to worry about tightening wires or broken brackets. Invisalign doesn’t hamper your lifestyle in the same way that braces can. You remove your aligners to eat, so you do not have to worry about avoiding foods that might be potentially damaging. Your aligners are also removed for cleaning, so you do not have to deal with the hassle of trying to brush and floss around brackets and wires.

Call Us to Learn More about Invisalign

To find out more about Invisalign and how it can treat your crooked teeth, please contact Jen Kim: Family & Cosmetic Dentistry today to schedule your consultation. Dr. Kim is a Certified Invisalign provider, so she is the right position to determine whether Invisalign treatment is a good option for you after an examination and digital x-rays. By utilizing cutting-edge 3-D digital imaging, Kirkland dentist Dr. Jen Kim will customize your smile makeover plan; your plastic aligners will be customized based on your individual plan. Patients can even enjoy "viewing" their new smile through 3-D imaging —before your treatment even starts!

Are you considering straightening your smile? Beyond the obvious physical benefit of improving your look, straightening your teeth has many health benefits for Kirkland patients. We know that orthodontic treatment is a big decision, which is why we offer a free consultation with Dr. Jen Kim. Crooked and misaligned teeth impact your oral hygiene and dental health, don't let a less-than-perfect smile affect you any longer!

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